Foundry Unit- 1

Foundry Division is equipped with

  • 1250 KW Tri Track Induction  Furnace ,with Present Melting Capacity of 1100 MT/ Month.
  • A Semi automated sand plant for green sand moulding process with sand preparation  capacity of 30 MT / Hour.
  • Equipped With Two ARPA 300 and 450 simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Machine With Production Capacity Of 40 To 50 Moulds Per Hour.
  • A Full Fledged Laboratory is Set Up To Carry Out All The Inspections As Needed.
  • Spectro  Analyzer
  • Metallographic Set Up-Digital Analyzer For Micro-structure Testing
  • In house casting simulation facility.
  • In House facility for special sand process like silicate , no bake and  shell mould.
  • In House core making facility
  • The Shot Blasting And Grinding is Done In-house.