Quality vision

The ultimate goal of our "quality system" is to ensure that each casting we make satisfies our clients requirements.

This goal inspires all of our actions, from the choice of raw materials and configuration of our casting equipment and processes, and covers all other variables that may affect the quality of the products under our responsibility. To achieve this goal, we perform a lot of testing.

Since 2001, Belgaum Ferrocast has enjoyed the ISO certification in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and certified for ISO/TS-16949-2009 in year 2012 and has successfully undergone every annual control audit and triennial registration audit ever since. Belgaum Ferrocast 's policy is to treat such accreditation procedures as occasions to learn and improve our processes rather than to view them as mere regulations.

At Belgaum Ferrocast, the production process starts as soon as we receive our customer's call for tender. At this stage, we take the greatest care to fully understand our customer's specific needs and to ensure that our production capacities will allow us to fulfill them.

Whether it is a new pattern or a modified one, we make a prototype. This stage gives us the opportunity to check and approve the pattern, to ascertain the efficiency of our production cycle and if need be to verify the efficiency of our subcontractors' manufacturing operations.

The efficiency of our "quality system" is regularly tested through audits held by our clients. This stimulates us and pushes us to constantly strive to achieve our goal: to continually improve our processes and intervention methods and ultimately to meet our customers' needs.